Luxury Prefab House

Our Luxury Prefab House boasts of a clean exterior look and its capacity to accommodate various customizations. Its size and dimensions can be customized, as well as weight requirements (from the 2nd floor up) to match your needs. We can also tailor the wind and earthquake resistance levels to your preference.

Best uses for this structure include high rise buildings, site offices, barracks, canteens, temporary facilities, dormitories, classrooms, clinics, guard houses, showrooms, shops, warehouses, low-cost housing, factories, and vacation houses.



Dimensions  Sizes may be customized based on client’s requirements


  • Tubular structure - does not need column foundations; can be built up to 2 floors
  • I-beam steel structure - with column foundations; can be extended up to 24 floors
Roofing Slopes


  • One side slope
  • Double slope
  • Four slope
Roofing Material  Double-sided, oven-baked, ribbed-type GI sheet with 50mm Styrofoam insulation
Walls  Double-sided, oven-baked, plain GI sheet with 50mm expanded polystyrene insulation
Flooring  Standard plywood flooring from 2nd floor up, but can be changed to steel deck with cement slab if preferred
Doors  Double-sided, oven-baked GI sheet with 50mm Styrofoam insulation
Windows  Standard PVC sliding windows, but may be altered according to client's preferences
Additional Options  Electrical, plumbing, cement slab and foundation, toilet and bath