We are a group of aggressive innovators whose main forte is providing shelters for families, workers, and transients by applying state of the art systems that are cost and time efficient. After relentless research on innovative housing systems, our managers, engineers, and architects have come up with an impeccable approach in providing comfortable homes for masses with meager means. Contemporary times require contemporary approaches to construction that can improve time and cost management. We have conducted tests and applied engineering expertise and architectural aesthetics to create a prefabricated housing accommodation system that will surely address the concerns of accommodating informal settlers and provide easy to build classrooms, dormitories, and other similar necessities. With the ever booming population and the need to shelter ever growing communities, our prefabricated housing system is decidedly the outstanding solution for providing comfortable, affordable and aesthetically-designed housing.

      We offer the best low-cost prefabricated modular buildings in the country. We design, build, and deliver our products nationwide. Now everyone can enjoy an affordable architecturally-designed home that is elegant, fully customizable, and sturdy. Our prefab homes are resilient against typhoons, strong winds, and earthquakes up to intensity eight. They are perfect for either permanent or holiday living, as they are not only durable but also fully transportable, making relocation quick and hassle-free.     

     We at SMARTHOUSE are leaving no stone unturned in researching and applying new technologies to provide ideal homes for our communities.